My Role

My role is to help facilitate the process of your journey to wellness. I'm the root cause investigator. In a safe environment, we identify and relieve blockages and release tensions or burdens that may be causing your discomfort or pain, and which may be preventing you from living your dreams and enjoying the quality of life you desire. Verbalize a little or a lot, your body will do the healing in a relaxed state.

Live your Dream! Machu Picchu


Be in Joy! Peru 2004

About Sheryl Wookey

Sheryl grew up on a farm in Idaho, worked in a hospital and Student Health Center for 6 years before getting her BS from Oregon State University, School of Engineering. Her adventures in energy related work took her from government employment in WA, DC to power plants in PA to research project management in CA and ultimately to NH in 1991. Love of the ocean keeps her here.

Sheryl's core values are based in trust and open communication, and are the foundation of her Acupuncture Energetics, LLC practice. She respects each person’s uniqueness and believes self- empowerment is fundamental. She has deep personal empathy based on her own life experiences including childhood trauma.


Why Sheryl Can Empathize With Your Health Issues

Genetics graced Sheryl with a tendency to form kidney stones. So she can relate to your experiences of pain, numerous medical procedures and tests and the mental stress of a chronic condition with acute episodes. Also the need to be really heard, often lacking in today's time pressured health care environment. Along her journey, she was exposed to the modality of Reiki. She really didn't understand it based on her scientific background, but knew she had experienced "something" which helped her feel better and gave her a tool she could use for pain management. Sheryl's curiosity and desire to empower others led her to switch from high voltage electricity for the community to microcircuits for the individual, and she completed the 3 year full time Master's in Acupuncture in May 2003 and opened her Acupuncture Energetics, LLC practice.

Sheryl's personal "Stonehenge"of kidney stones



  • Diplomate in Acupuncture: National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Licensed Acupuncturist: State of New Hampshire
  • Master of Acupuncture, Japanese and Chinese: New England School of Acupuncture Watertown, MA
  • Former Member of NH Board of Acupuncture Licensing
  • Member NH Association for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital - Healing Circle Volunteer

Advanced Training

  • Bert Hellinger - Seminars and Techniques
  • Certified in Facial Rejuvenation - V. Doran
  • Auricular Acupuncture Japanese Master's Workshops- Meridian Therapy, 5 Phase
  • Kiko Matsumoto's Style of Acupuncture
  • Kirlian Photography and Color Therapy
  • Esoteric Acupuncture protocols by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D.
  • Master Teacher of Shamballa - Shamballa School of Multi-Dimensional Healing Esoteric Sciences, U.K.
  • Tetzkatlipoka/Toltec Traditions
  • Reiki

Call for a Consultation: 603-944-6550


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