Acupuncture Energetics offers a wide range of integrated treatments including: acupuncture with the emphasis on meridian balancing techniques, light therapy, cranio-sacral techniques, bio-cleanse detoxifying foot spa, Shamballa, plus other gentle therapies to help you achieve optimal health and harmony. Sheryl stays in attendance during your entire session and uses techniques combined uniquely for you. Options are available for clients choosing not to have acupuncture needles inserted in the skin. Acupuncture Energetic< provides a safe haven for your healing. The emphasis is on you, in a tranquil professional setting to encourage the release of tensions, stresses and to restore/retain your balance. Sheryl Wookey helps clear obstacles so you can heal yourself.


The vision of Acupuncture Energetics expresses in the logo; the multi-faceted MOBIUS HEARTS icon. A mobius band illustrates continuity; all on the same side, like the recycle image. A Mobius Heart represents human feelings and emotions; seeing from the heart - the perspective of wholeness and integration. The multiple hearts express our connections and roles.. Beneath the many roles we have in our busy lives, each of us holds within a memory of our optimal center of balance and harmony, that feeling of being in your zone. Through your unique treatment plan, we rediscover that memory and support your body's ability to heal itself. Like MOBIUS HEARTS, acupuncture, and other subtle energy modalities, is about harmony; that quality of achieving peaceful unity and balance. With that balance comes relief from physical and emotional discomfort and pain and improved quality of life.





"There is sufficient evidence of acupuncture's value to expand its use into conventional medicine and to encourage further studies of its physiological and clinical value."

National Institutes of Health and Consensus Statement


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